North Seattle Baseball Boundaries

North Seattle Baseball has open boundaries to residents of Western Washington for ages 9U and up. For the younger ages below 9U (Shetland and Pinto), the historic boundaries (ship canal, north to 205th; and from Lake Washington to the Puget Sound) in some circumstances may apply for summer baseball, but not for the regular season (spring baseball).


Where do teams practice and play games?

Games and practices are generally held in the North and Northeast section of Seattle at various fields.  Dahl Field, Pinehurst Playfield, Meadowbrook Field, Jane Addams/Summit, Bitter Lake and Ingraham High School are some of the fields we use. 


What makes NSB different from local Little Leagues?

The absence of league boundaries in NSB allows friends and classmates to play together while Little League has league boundaries. NSB games are played by Pony Baseball rules.  Little League games are played by Little League rules.  Some key differences are: We allow full leading off and stealing beginning at the 9U kid-pitch level, which requires pitchers to learn to pitch from the stretch.  We allow runners to run on dropped third strikes and we allow on-deck batters etc.  We move the bases back 10 feet every two years beginning at age 9, where Little League plays 60 foot bases until kids turn 13 years of age.  Our 9- and 10-year-olds play on 60 foot bases; our 11- and 12-year-olds play on 70 foot bases; and our 13- and 14-year-olds play on 80 foot bases.  Our 15-year-olds and up play on 90 foot bases. (Some 14U teams may play on both 80 foot and 90 foot bases) Of course, the pitcher’s mound moves back accordingly as well.

*For more detailed information, see our "Why PONY?" page (also found above, under "About NSB")


How Competitive is NSB?

We have been told that many people perceive NSB to be more competitive than the local Little Leagues.  We do take baseball serious and we have a lot of passionate coaches and players.   But, first and foremost, we are a recreational league designed for players of all skill levels with the goal of making the game fun for all.


Which division should my son or daughter play in?

We group kids according to their league age as of May 1st for the 2017 season. Please go to our Divisions page to see which division your son or daughter should be playing in.


Can my son or daughter and their friends play together?

We allow teams at the Shetland (tee-ball) and Pinto (Coach Pitch) levels to build their teams with the oversight of the applicable commissioner.  This means that in most cases, we can keep friends and classmates together. Occasionally, for demographics reasons, we must split up teams in an effort to try to improve parity in the league.  At the Mustang level and Bronco levels, we use a player evaluation (aka tryout) and player draft in an effort to establish parity amongst all teams. Pony Cascade, due to travel considerations, allowances may be made to allow friends to play together, but an effort to maintain parity still exists.


Can my son or daughter play up?

Yes; only one (1) level of play, however. See our play up application request for Pinto, Mustang and Bronco.
For Pony Olympic, Colt and Palomino, it is through individual team tryouts and/or permission of the Pony/Colt/Palomino Commissioner. Pony Cascade (13U & 14U) openly accepts 12U players but not 11U players.


I've heard that some players were locked.  What does this mean?

At the Mustang and Bronco levels, the coach gets 2 junior player locks and 2 senior player locks.   These locks were instituted in order to ensure that a coach could have his son, and the son of an assistant coach on his team.  So a 2nd year Mustang coach could lock two 9 year old players with the hope that these two player’s fathers will take over the team the following year thereby ensuring coaching continuity.  The previous year’s 9 year olds return as senior (10 year old) locks.  Should one of those players decide not to play, that coach may go out  an  lock an additional 10 year old .


What is the All-Star Team Selection Process?

The All Star teams often begin their formation in the late-April time frame.  We begin to assemble these teams in this time frame in order to send our best teams to the various Memorial Day tournaments held in late May.   We leave open the possibility that some kids may not have had enough time to shine, therefore the teams at the Memorial Day tournaments may go through a few changes even after Memorial Day.  Generally speaking, an All Star coach is voted upon by the All Star Coaches Selection Committee. This coach then holds Sunday Ball tryouts which any player is welcome to attend, and are posted on this website.  After several Sunday Ball tryouts, the head coach and the other coaches in that division  then select the players.   The head coach and his staff are allowed to select on their own a few players as described in the All Star Policy. Following the selection of the All Star team and based on sufficient interest (of players and coaches), a tournament team may be formed. Tournament teams play in 2 to 4 summer tournaments and players from outside of NSB are allowed to participate on these teams.  NSB supports the tournament teams with practice fields, equipment, uniforms and sometimes coaches.
Following the selection of the  All Star  team and based on sufficient interest (of players and coaches), a tournament team may be formed. Tournament teams play in 2 to 4 summer tournaments and players from outside of NSB are allowed to participate on these teams.


Can I help or volunteer?

By all means, yes. At various times, we form committees to look into issues.  And we always need help setting up for special events such as the Spring Jamboree, the Memorial Day Superbash, Championship Weekend in June, and the Pinto Round-Up.  We always need head coaches, assistant coaches, and umpires, etc.  If you would like to become a board member, generally our first fall meeting every year is to establish new board members.  If you are interested in coaching, please contact the Commissioner in that age group or check the home page of this website for current openings. You need not have a child on the team in order to coach.


Are there rules and by-laws under which NSB operates?

Yes, please see our Documents page.

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